How much is my mobile phone mast worth?

Entering into an agreement with a telecom company can provide you with a lease agreement that pays you with rent monthly, quarterly or yearly but is this really the right agreement for you?

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Here, APWireless discuss just how much a mobile phone mast is really worth in terms of rent, financial security and future investment.

Taking control of your mobile phone mast

In the UK alone there are around 52,000 mobile phone masts with an average rent of £4,946 for rural masts and £11,346 for urban mast rent.

This proves that a phone mast is a valuable asset on your property which may have seemed like an inconvenience but can actually be a source of income. There is however, no legal or contractual reason why you need to let the telecom tenant control how much money you are getting and when you receive it for housing the mast on your land.

Instead of worrying about the next rent payment you could be taking control of your mobile phone mast by entering into a mobile phone mast lease premium.

What is a mobile phone mast lease premium?

As a landlord receiving rent from a telecommunications company you can choose to enter into a mobile phone mast lease premium with a company that will in turn take over the lease agreement you currently have with the mast owner.

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A mobile mast lease premium is simply a sum of money paid in one payment to the property owner or landlord of the mast. In return, the right to receive the rent from the telecoms operator moving forward is exchanged.

There are many benefits of a mobile phone mast lease premium including security of your income, control and financial security for the future.

Increase your financial security

Gaining control of your mobile phone mast with a mobile phone mast lease premium can increase your financial security for right now as well as in the future. This is because phone companies can decide to cut the rent to you and end their contract at any time if the mast is not successfully working for them.

However, with a mobile phone mast lease premium, you will be able to keep the full amount of the up-front lump sum even if the telecoms operator terminates their lease agreement.

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This also applies if you decide to sell your property. With APWireless you are free to sell your property without any restrictions and keep the money you received from the mobile phone mast lease premium.

This means even if you move away, you reap the benefits of a mobile phone mast lease premium.

Increase your financial security, take control of your mobile phone mast and find out how much your mobile phone mast is worth today.


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